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A. C. Diego Torres
Position: Research assistant
Address: Lifia, calle 50 y 115
La Plata, Prov. Buenos Aires,
phone: (+54 221) 422 8252 ext 220
fax: (+54 221) 422 8252
Short bio
I graduated in 2006 as a computer analyst at the National University of La Plata (UNLP), in Argentina. I joined LIFIA in March 2003. Since then I have been doing research in the field of Groupware and Collaborative Work, I am currently teaching object-oriented programming, Java and Test Driven Development. I have also participated in the edition of an internal publication called LIFIA’s Corriere. I am currently a member of the research group of Semantic Web headed by Dr. Alicia Diaz and I am going deeper into Semantic Wikis. Part of my research is included in my Bachelor Thesis - a requirement to obtain the degree of Licenciate in Computer Science (UNLP).
Research interest
  My main areas of research include the study of the Semantic Web, groupware and knowledge management. Within these fields I would like to highlight Web 2.0, Semantic Wikis, generation, analysis and design of ontologies, programming languages (Ruby and Ruby on Rails), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), agile programming techniques and object-oriented programming.