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Dr. Gustavo Rossi
Position: Researcher
Address: Lifia, calle 50 y 115
La Plata, Prov. Buenos Aires,
phone: (+54 221) 423 6585 ext 213
fax: (+54 221) 422 8252
Short bio
I received my PHD diploma in PUC-Rio, Brazil in 1996 under the advising of Dr. Daniel Schwabe. My PHD thesis was the development of the OOHDM design approach, one of the mature methods for the development of Web Applications.
I am currently full professor at Computer Science College, La Plata National University and head of LIFIA. I have been a visiting professor at the Universities of Lyon and Montpellier in France and have received the Habilitation pour Diriger Recherches (HDR) at INSA-Lyon. I have been part of the PC committee of the most important conferences of my research field such as ACM WWW, ICWE and ACM Hypertext.
Research interest
I am working on modeling and design issues for advanced Web Applications, particularly those that involve context-aware behaviors. I am particularly interested in approaches which favor the separation of application concerns, thus yielding more modular and evolvable designs. Even though I use as a design reference the well-known Object-Oriented Hypermedia Design Method (OOHDM), I intend to provide solutions which are independent of the underlying design approach.