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  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Research
  • Position: Researcher
  • Alejandra Garrido


Alejandra Garrido became a member of LIFIA in 1994, doing research in object-oriented (OO) software development and hypermedia. She developed an OO framework to augment applications with a hypermedia layer ("Building Application Frameworks", Ch. 11, Wiley, 1999). She also worked on several design patterns that were presented at the Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP) Conferences ("Pattern Languages of Program Design", Addison Wesley, Vol 2-Ch 11, Vol 3-Ch 13, and "Design Patterns in Communications Software", Ch. 10, Sigs, 2001). In 1997 she graduated as Lic. in Informatics from the Univ. of La Plata, Argentina, and started her graduate studies in the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. For her MS and PhD studies she worked in the area of refactoring under the advice of Dr. Ralph Johnson. Her MS thesis (UIUC, 2000) proposes a catalog of refactorings for the C programming language. Her PhD thesis (UIUC, 2005) focuses on integrating C preprocessor directives during the analysis and refactoring of C programs, and defines strategies, algorithms, and a refactoring tool for their automatic application. Alejandra also worked at UIUC with Dr. José Meseguer during her postdoc, creating a formal specification of the C preprocessor and refactoring on Cpp directives. She also developed a formal specification of some refactorings for the Java language. In 2006, Alejandra moved back to Argentina and restarted working at LIFIA with a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from CONICET. She is currently a CONICET Adjunct Researcher. Since her graduate studies Alejandra was very much involved in the patterns community and was conference chair of PLoP 2000. She is currently organizing with Federico Balaguer the first Latin American Conference on Patterns in Argentina (SugarLoafPLoP-Tango Edition), which will be held in Buenos Aires during November 2016.


The current area of research of Alejandra Garrido is the application of refactoring techniques and agile processes, especially in web application development. She has been particularly interested in promoting refactoring as an essential technique to improve not only internal quality attributes of code but also external quality attributes like usability and accessibility.


Alejandra Garrido is Assistant Professor at Fac. de Informática, UNLP. Undergraduate level courses: Advances Object Oriented Development; Senior Project on Object Oriented Programming. MS level courses: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering. PhD level courses: Patterns in Game Design and Refactoring to Patterns.