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  • PhD in Computer Science
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  • Position: Researcher
  • Alejandro Fernandez


Alejandro Fernandez is a full time professor at the Faculty of Informatics at the National University of La Plata (UNLP), and an Assistant Researcher at the Buenos Aires Province Commission for Scientific Research (CIC). He is also a board member for the Argentine Society for Informatics (SADIO). Alejandro graduated in 1999 with a diploma (Licenciatura) in Computers Science from UNLP, in Argentina. In July 2005 he got a Ph.d. from the FernUnivesität Hagen, in Germany, working on various subjects related to CSCW and Software Engineering. His thesis, "Groupware for Collaborative Tailoring." can be downloaded here: From 2000 until 2004, Alejandro worked as a researcher at the CONCERT division at Fraunhofer-IPSI, in Germany. Then, he returned to Argentina to join LIFIA as a researcher in the Groupware and Collaborative Environments group. He led LIFIA’s technology transfer division until 2010. Since 1994 he has been is involved in teaching activities for the graduate and undergraduate programs at UNLP, at National University of Luján (UNLu), and at Inter-American Open University (UAI).


His research interests lie in intersection of computer supported collaborative work, knowledge management and software engineering. In particular, he is interested in groupware tailorability and in the design of applications that augment human intellect. In his doctoral thesis he tackled the problem of the lack of computer support for distributed team members that need to perform tailoring in the context of teamwork. The challenge of tailoring in the context of teamwork is to understand and support the needs of the group members, from the moment they encounter a breakdown during work until they have enacted the changes they deem necessary. His current work looks at the Semantic Web as a platform for collective intelligence.


Since 7/2009: Assistant Professor with Exclusive Dedication (full time Professor) - OO II of the BA career in Computing, Groupware and Social Software, Ph.D. in Computing Science - National University of La Plata. Since 3/2008: Professor Hired - Technologies for Knowledge Management - Master of Information Technology - American Open University. Previously : Assistant (TA ) Teaching Assistant and Professor at National University of Lujan , National University of La Plata, American Open University and Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany )