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Research and Training in Advanced Computing Laboratory



  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Technology Transference
  • Position: Project Leader
  • Federico Balaguer


I got interested in computers in the 80´s when my high school bought a bunch of TI-99 consoles. In the 90´s I decided to make a profession out of that interest and I started taking classes in the University of Belgrano. In 1994, I become an “Systems Analyst”. In 1996, I become a “Licentiate in Information Systems” . I started to get involved with the lab around 1994 working in different projects. During 1996 I started working in the GIS project with Dr. Silvia Gordillo. In 1998, I left La Plata and joined the PhD program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Dr. Ralph Johnson.


My areas of interest are: software design, open-source movement, object-oriented languages, frameworks, software composition, logic programming, design patterns and refactorings.