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Research and Training in Advanced Computing Laboratory



  • Licentiate in Computer Science
  • Research
  • Position: Researcher
  • Gabriel Baum


I have graduated as a Licentiate in Computer Science at La Plata National University (UNLP) and I am currently a professor at the Computer Science College (UNLP). Between 1986 and 1990, I was a member of the faculty of the Latin-American Computer Science Higher School and in 1991, when it was closed; I started to work as a full-time professor for the Exact Sciences College (UNLP) and later, when it was created, for the computer Science College. Since then, I am a researcher at LIFIA, a member of its board of directors and head of the area of Computer Theory and formal methods. Since 1994, I am deeply concerned with activities involving the promotion of software industry.


I have worked on the area of Computer Theory for some years. Later, since approximately 1990, I became interested in the area of formal methods applied to the development and testing of software. I am particularly interested in rational methods applied to various aspects of software development, specification, program derivation, algorithm design, testing and validation. In the last years I became interested in the epistemological aspects of computing and particularly of programming and software development in general. I am also interested in the financial, social and political aspects of the Information Technology.


Formal and Automaton Languages (Professor) Institution: UNLP Course: Lic. in Computer Science