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Research and Training in Advanced Computing Laboratory



  • Programmer Analyst
  • Technology Transference
  • Position: Developer
  • Jose Luis Larroque


I obtained my APU degree in 2011, and enter to LIFIA on 14/3/2011. Since i'm here, i'm working on a Single Treasury Account Project, on "Tesoreria de la provincia de Buenos Aires".


J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JME, Web


Ad-honorem Assistant in "Algoritmos, Datos y Programas" (formerly known as "Programacion de Computadoras"), since 3/2008 until 9/2009. The work was, mainly, give answers to student's, and take and correct exams. Student assistant in "Algoritmos, Datos y Programas" (formerly known as "Programacion de Computadoras") since 9/2009 until 2/2013. My responsibilities were the same as before, plus the explanation in the board of new topics in the classroom and roll calling. New´s students tutor, since 3/2009 until 12/20012, my responsabilities were advise and lead them to a successfully adaptation in their first year of university.