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Research and Training in Advanced Computing Laboratory



  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Technology Transference
  • Position: Functional analyst
  • Rubén Leandro Antonelli


Leandro Antonelli received the degree of Bachelor in Computer Science in 1998 when he also began work at LIFIA (Laboratorio de Investigación e Informática Avanzada, Laboratory of Research and Advanced Computer Science). In 2003 he was awarded his Master’s in Software Engineering, followed in 2012 by a Doctorate in Computer Sciences from the Universidad Nacional of La Plata. Leandro Antonelli has worked in academia and industry. He began in 1996 as a teaching assistant and is currently professor in a Master’s program of Software Engineering. He has also done research, mainly in Requirements Engineering, with presentations at national and international conferences and journal publications. In industry, he has worked to develop computer systems for the government as well as with private companies (national and international). He has filled different roles, beginning in 1993, and now he is software engineer, specializing in requirements management as well as project management.


Requirements Engineering, Crosscutting concerns, Project Management, Agile Project Management


He is professor of Project Management at Universidad Nacional of La Plata. And he is also professor of Requirements Engineering and Project Management at Universidad Abierta Interamericana. He is also teaching assistant in Data abstraction and algorithm analysis and Object oriented programming courses.