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Research and Training in Advanced Computing Laboratory



  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Research
  • Position: Researcher
  • Roxana Silvia Giandini


As soon as I obtained my professional degree in Computer Science at UNLP, I started teaching several subjects of the Computer Science university courses. In 1999, I got my master’s degree: the Master in Software Engineering post-degree course, at the same University. Since 1999, I am involved in teaching activities for the master’s degree at UNLP, and at UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana). In February 2008, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from UNLP (National University of La Plata), in the area of Model-Driven Software Development.


My primary research area is software modelling and software engineering. Those areas are closely related to formal methods, that’s why I am also interested in these topics. In my doctoral thesis, I deal with the problem of model transformation in the context of MDD (Model Driven Development). Currently, I am working in the definition of a language for model transformation with a formal base to support it. By using this language, we were able to formally define the composition of transformations between models


Object-Orientation I and II (professor) Institution: UNLP Course: Lic. In Computer Science and Lic. In Computer Systems Language Syntax and Semantics - Programming Paradigms (regular professor) Institution: UTN – Regional La Plata Course: Information System Engineering Software Development by Formal Methods and UML (professor) Institution: UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana) Course: Master in Computer Technology Tools and Techniques – Subject: UML (professor) Institution: UNLP Course: Master in Software Engineering – Regional Chaco, Regional Corrientes Model-Driven Software Development (professor) Institution: UNLP Course: Lic. In Computer Systems