LIFIA is a Research Center of the National University of La Plata that offers its expertise in technology and products to academic communities and national and international business.

Founded in 1988 at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, National University of La Plata, Argentina; LIFIA ability to conceive, design and develop information systems has been widely recognized.

We have combined our knowledge and experience in Software Engineering, Formal Methods, and other disciplines of Software to create solutions for a variety of institutions and companies, both domestic and international, including areas such as finance, communications, government, health, education and Software industry itself.


  • Develop basic and applied research of excellence in different areas of science and information technology.
  • Primarily promote the development of lines and projects of scientific and technological research that are original and of a good standard and indeed fundamentally contribute to the development of methods, techniques and products in the area of IT and that can be transferred to the local and international industry.
  • Train human resources excellence for research and development of IT.
  • LIFIA members are teachers, researchers, professionals and college students with extensive experience in research, development, implementation and training in IT.
  • IT knowledge transfer to industry and society in general.
  • LIFIA promotes the application of the results of their research and the participation of its members in solving real problems of technological interest in the field of IT industry in the local and international media.
  • LIFIA promotes productive innovation through the application of methods, techniques and tools from the best in solving real problems of industry and society in Argentina and abroad.