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Development of intelligent tools for management and decision making in the field of open and citizen science

The objective of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of Open and Citizen Science by developing collective intelligence tools to improve decision making and the generation of early warnings in strategic projects in the province of Buenos Aires, focusing particularly on situations of uncertainty and risk and involving actors in the scientific sector, production and citizenship in general, when this is possible. In the development, new information and communication technologies will be used, particularly crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence, gaming and mobile technology.

Funding agency: Comisión de Investigaciones Científicas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Period: January 2019- December 2020.

Director / s: Claudia Pons and Alejandro Fernández

Technologies and Applications in Education, Science and Agriculture, of Agile, Model-Driven Software Engineering, for the Web of Knowledge

The Web has become a network conecting more than computers. It connects people, organizations, the knowledgethey generate, and a vast number of devices and phisical artifacts. All these elements can now take part in richer and smarter applications that adapt to user’s needs and expectations. Education, science and agriculture are three domains that change and become empowered in the context of this new web. This project approaches the conception and development of this new form of applications, combining advanced software engineering and knowledge management techniques. It pays special attention to the requirements of the aforementioned domains, consequently using them to frame the evaluation of results.

Funding agency: National University of La Plata. This project has is part of the “Incentivos” programs, by the National Ministry of Education, Science ant Technology

Duration: 1/1/2017 – 12/31/2018

Director/s: Alejandro Fernandez, Alejandra Garrido


The availability of updated, contextualized and connected information is key to deal with the constant uncertainty and need for improvement of processes that characterizes horticultural production. Based on the modeling of data on horticulture and production through semantic web strategies and technologies, and offering a collaborative environment for knowledge creation, it is expected that the producers themselves and other actors in the horticultural value chain will feed a repository of information/ knowledge that contains/connects information on good agricultural practices, standards, regulations, products and strategies for agricultural production. Following participatory design and action research methodologies, scientific relevance and impact in the productive sector will be sought.

Funding agency: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Duration: 3/2018 – 9-2019

Director/s: Alejandro Fernández, Diego Torres

RUC-APS: Enhancing and implementing Knowledge based ICT solutions within high Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems

The RUC-APS Project is the result of bold thinking and an absolute commitment to International Agriculture Production Systems under a value chain context. To help achieve this, a multi-disciplinary team has been assembled featuring people expert in agriculture, biological science, logistics, product management, innovation, risk, mathematical modelling and computer science. The aim is to create a validated framework for real-life agriculture-based decision making by integrating the high impact research being carried out across the world in each of these areas. Hence, there are three main drivers for this project; climate and global weather change, crises in global economies and the current speed of technological evolution.

Funding agency: European Commission – Program H2020

Duration: 10/2016 – 10/2020

Director: Jorge Hernandez Hormazabal (Universidad de Liverpool)

Leader at UNLP: Alejandro Fernandez, Susana Gambóa


Concluded projects