LIFIA collaborates in the nurture of researchers, estimulates and increases the opportunities for undegraduate students to perform postgraduate studies and to participate in research projects.

Lifia researchers and professionals work as teachers in the Computer Science Career in La Plata and in other universities, both in the undergraduate and in the graduate levels. They also participate in mentoring and training programs for professionals of the public and private sectors. Lifia members have given hundreds of courses in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain and France.

LIFIA pays special attention to the permanent education of its members, particularly those working in technology transfer. They are continually offered courses on different aspects of software development such as software engineering (project management, requirement engineering, quality assessment, design techniques, architecture, etc), specific technologies (languages, frameworks and operating systems), etc. Since 2004 the area of human resources began to plan in a systematic way the permanent education of Lifia technologists. In 2004, 144 persons took around 500 hours of training.

LIFIA has developed concrete actions to favour the students to finalize undergrad and posgraduate careers, offering scholarships, supportive courses and prizes. At the same time LIFIA has encouraged technologists to achieved professional certifications and many of them have obtained Oracle, Cisco and Sun certifications. Now, there is a scheme of permanent training which, based on the actual skills of the person, generates a personal development plan to give technologists more opportunities in his professional future. Students and profesionales entering LIFIA receive and intensive initial training to make its incorporation more effective and smoother.